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“Your work is really impressive, both from a technical and an artistic standpoint.”
- Scott Brennan, Professional Photographer
, Bellingham, WA

Now available!

"A stunning work by a gifted artist. Completely enthralling."
—Ed Henry, San Diego Audubon Society

This magnificent book is filled with spectacular images and poetic narratives by Dr. David Sattler, and a timely and vital foreword by Dr. Jane Goodall. La Jolla Cove is celebrated for its miraculous tide pools, wondrous aquatic animals, and colorful sunsets at the edge of day. Now you can bring home and enjoy the beauty of this coastal environment and share its treasures with loved ones and others as a gift for the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduation, and other celebrations!

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Photo of booth at La Jolla Festival of the Arts.

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